Some music production projects.
A mix of projects put together in both DAWs and using hardware synthesizers.
My first performance with the Polyend Tracker and the Medusa Synthesizer. The glitches were created with the filter LFO fx. All sounds & effects are the Tracker with the exception of the bass which is Medusa sequenced by the Tracker. Graphics created with Touchdesigner. The export quality isn't the best because I'm using the free version to learn it and it doesn't allow high-res exports.
A handful of notes sequenced entirely with the Chance FX in Polyend Tracker. One sample was mutated into seven unique sounds using only Tracker's effects and playback options. The notes are triggered entirely by chance, so the piece never plays the same way twice. I created visuals in Touchdesigner that could uniquely react to each play-through with particles that generate, live, and die throughout the ambient score.
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