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Monthly Archives: April 2008

not your average type

I might be behind the times with this, but I’ve recently discovered some amazing use of exceptional typography animation with music and words. The emphasis of the words with the music, phrase or idea in these examples is done extremely well. Let the Drummer Kick, by Citizen Cope. Animation by: Artur Dimke. Oceans Eleven Project

shoot a great self portrait with your digital point and shoot

Facebook, Myspace, Virb, Online personals, Blogs, etc. are full of users and self portraits. This tip will show you how you can shoot a dramatic self portrait with your digital point and shoot camera that will add some polish to your profile. Photography is about capturing light and we’ll be using the built in flash for ours. The only piece of equipment you’ll need for your studio is a white business card (a 3×5 card or paper cut and folded work well too) and a white wall.