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Long Exposure Photograph of the Ocean

To produce the cover for Naama Kates “Souled” album, I had to first capture a long exposure shot of the ocean. The concept was her picture on an easel surrounded by a dreamy ocean. When I imagined capturing this, I thought it’d be easy. It wasn’t.

ocean long exposure

Airplanes Official Music Video

When Naama shared the early re-mixes of her new singles Airplanes and Hurricane, I knew I had to direct the music video for at least one of them. Luckily she felt the same and gave me the green light to start shooting for the Airplanes official music video. Read more and watch the video after the jump.

Airplanes (Official Music VIdeo)—Naama Kates

One Light Portrait of Artist Brian Johnson

Brian Johnson is talented Southern California artist. From gallery shows to bicycles, teaching and family time, he’s a pretty busy guy. He reached out to me and asked if I’d help him photograph a bike he painted for Solé Artist Series of bicycles.

I had an idea immediately of where and how I wanted to photograph the bike and time allowing, I also wanted to capture a quick one light portrait of artist Brian Johnson. (Lighting, equipment, setup and photos after the jump).

Brian Johnson photo by Luis Aguirre

More with Naama Kates

Artist Naama Kates is busy putting the final touches on her new musical releases. I’m busy polishing the last edits to the her music video for the remix of Airplanes and her song, Beautiful Nights, which she hired me to direct. The song, “Airplanes” remixed by Mount Cyanide is pretty amazing.

Naama Kates photo by Luis Aguirre

If you’re photographing and it doesn’t go as planned, keep that shutter clicking.

No matter how much you plan for photography, it rarely goes as planned. Those unexpected moments, however can lead to some outstanding results.

Case in point: I had planned a shoot with Model Kyuri outdoors. Instead of setting up strobes, I opted to filter and bounce the incoming sunlight through scrims and white boards. The patio structure above was slatted but it was cloudy when we started so it worked out quite nicely.

That was until the sun tore through the clouds and sent strong beams of light through that slatted patio, ruining my beautiful soft light setup. (More after the jump).

Kyuri Photographed by Luis Aguirre

10 Cinema Inspired Lightroom Presets

10 Cinema inspired Lightroom Presets were created and just released by outstanding photographer, photoshop/lightroom teacher and creative retoucher Armando Martinez. There’s a lot of Lightroom presets out there and few are really worth investing in but I’d say these are well worth it. Armando, a professional creative retoucher and color expert says the presets were inspired by some of the best cinematic treatments in films he saw in 2013 which include: Rush, Nebraska, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, Her and more.

Sharon Photographed by Luis Aguirre

My 2013 Photography Review

2013 Photography Review (My favorite shots of the year) Favorite shots of 2013 from Luis Aguirre on Vimeo. The purpose of my 2013 Photography review is to review all the shots I took in the last year and to set my goals for coming year. My goal last year was to get at least to book 3 shoots— whether paid or not—every month. It was a year of practice, practice, practice. Having primarily shot with strobes and a lot of equipment in the past, I wanted go back to my roots, shed all the gear and go au naturale with […]


Last chance to get the Lightroom/Photoshop bundle for only $9.99

Lightroom/Photoshop Bundle If you’ve been on the fence for getting on board with Adobe’s creative cloud, now’s your last chance to get the Lightroom/Photoshop bundle for only $9.99 a month. That’s a considerably low price for two powerhouse software packages. This was Adobe’s Black Friday/Cyber Monday deal which they extended until the end of year. There was a lot of flak after Adobe announced that they would move completely to a cloud based service. Photographers were were upset because they didn’t want to pay $49 a month for a suite of software they didn’t need. So Adobe began offering Photoshop […]

adobe lightroom/photoshop deal

Inspirational Photographers: Patrick Demarchelier

Rounding out the trifecta of influential and inspirational photographers alongside Richard Avedon and Herb Ritts is Patrick Demarchelier. There are similarities between their styles which is why I’m such a fan of all three. Demarchelier, in my opinion was amazing at capturing subtle beauty and natural expressions in both his fashion and portrait work. (View his work after the jump).

Patrick Demarchelier

The Sunday Fix: Photography lighting with one light.

This week’s capture features the beautiful and talented Antoinette. Photography lighting doesn’t have to be complicated. This was shot with a single strobe and a small softbox, slightly above and to the right of camera. A larger softbox would’ve given the image a much softer transition throughout the shadows but I purposely wanted more contrast and punch to the image. (Lighting diagram and more after the jump).

antoinette by luis aguirre photography

Inspiration: Photographer Herb Ritts

Photographer Herb Ritts has and probably always will be the biggest inspiration and influence in my work. I grew up in the 80′s when his photographs were on the covers of most major magazines and even album covers. He was mostly known for his distinct, graphic fashion images but he was also an amazing celebrity portrait photographer. He photographed clean, pure lines and forms with a graphic simplicity and composition that drew you in. I marveled at how simple, yet powerful his photographs were. I’ll let the work speak for itself. Here’s a few of my favorite Herb Ritts photographs.